Adolescents - Live at the House of Blues DVD (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Live at the House of Blues 📀 (2004)

Kung Fu

The Adolescents are old, they can't conceal it, it's impossible to escape it. It's apparent by easily eyeing the band up that the 20-some years of the punk rock life has caught up to them and is taking its toll. Do yourself a favor and don't tell them that they belong in a retirement home and not the stage at the House of Blues. Despite their age, the six gentlemen still have the heart, soul, and energy that adorned their youth.

I'll be perfectly honest, I'm not very familiar with the Adolescents' music, in fact I wouldn't even consider myself a fan, but I did enjoy this DVD.

The crew over at Kung-Fu's video department have put out another quality compilation of footage for their 10th release in the Show Must Go Off series. Editing is once again top-notch, as I hardly recall seeing any of the cameramen pop in the shots. The cuts are quick on the rash edgy So-Cal punk songs and the clips flow great among the members during the set. The sound of the show is admirable as well and since the DVD is accompanied by a free CD of the show you can listen to it while your mom is watching Friends reruns on the tube. The only default I find production wise is the brightness of the footage; it's rather dark and dreary. This could very well be a lighting issue from the club, as the other DVDs in the series are vibrant in color so I won't hold that against anyone.

Even though the Adolescents have been playing these songs for an eternity its still an awe to ogle their talent, as minor mishaps occur during the fifty minute long set. The longevity of the band is illustrated very well in their songs. Lyrically many of them still hold true to modern times even though they were written two decades ago. I wish I knew the band better so I could discuss how the songs translate from studio records to the live atmosphere, but all I can really inform you is that they rip through the 19 songs one after another. There's little time to breathe for the energetic crowd as few pauses separate the music, but that's what helps keep the intensity of the show.

After watching the DVD, I can definitely say I'm interesting in finally checking out this band that I've heard so much about over the years, maybe they can do the same for a few other new listeners out there. This video makes a good place to start for any new fan and those who are already aware of the Adolescents you won't be the least be dissatisfied with their performance and how Kung Fu captured it.