The Locust - Follow The Flock, Step In Shit (Cover Artwork)

The Locust

Follow The Flock, Step In Shit (2004)

Three One G

Three songs in three-minutes, 11-seconds. Hey, what do you expect? It's The Locust, bringing us some more fine chaotic, unpredictable hardcore/grind coupled with electronic/sonic noise at intermittent intervals. The first two offerings, according to the press release, first were heard on a split with Jenny Piccolo. Also featured is "Red", a song from a comp entitled 'Cry Now, Cry Later Vol.4' - for all those who care.

The EP starts off with the merciless title track, a fed-up-with-society lament to which any of us who've ever been disgusted by humanity and society can certainly relate. This bleak look at our culture is carried over to the next song, the incredibly fast 29-second "Coffin Nails", which has a VERY Conflict feel (well, not musically, but certainly lyrically), as the guys bemoan what has become of this once "fertile earth" and how if we carry on our present course (which seems all too likely), we'll be ruined. They end it all with the profound lines: "When there is no grain to feed the butchered cows/When there is no grain to feed yourselves/Then you will see that money can't be eaten." The third and final track is the most diverse and harrowing, beginning with sputtering electronics and hectic drumming, turning into a slow, sludgy, oppressive, doom-like dirge with tortured, drawn-out vocals, that every now and then is broken up by sudden bursts of speed.

Most likely a challenging listen for some, but for those tolerant of extremes and fans already of the infamous troupe, 'Follow the Flock, Step in Shit', is a great release from a band that continues to defy conventions. Oh yeah, on a weird side note, the disc is a tiny square, sure to piss more than a few people off...