Various - Kiss or Kill (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Kiss or Kill (2004)

War Room

Besides a few songs on here, this CD could generally be summed up by two influences: Social Distortion and the garage rock fad.

Five of the eleven bands are female fronted. I've never really been a fan of female fronted 3-chord punk. I don't want to hear sugary vocals over grungy grinding guitars. I want something snarling and ugly. That being said, The Randies deliver a very *yawn* boring 3 chord, sugary pop-punk track. Standard, by the book. Next, Deadbeat Sinatra does the same, only with a singer that emulates Mike Ness to the T. Then the Dollyrots sing a song about beating up any boys that are going to break the singers heart, Jackie Chan style. So far, this comp has me drooling out pieces of the cough drop that I'm chewing on for lack of proper brain exercise.

Then Midway comes in with a synth-pop tune akin to The Rentals. It's cutesy, it's poppy, it's got sugary vocals, it's about sex in cars and drugs and rock n' roll. Who can argue with that? There's nothing like bouncy pop about dirty sex and drugs and rock n' roll. After that, Billion Stars deliver a bar rock song complete with cowbell. It's really annoying. Bang Sugar Bang give us more boring poppy-punk. Zeitgeist Auto Parts follow the formula.

The O.A.O.T.'s contribute something more like an 80s mainstream punk ballad. You know, like Modern English. It's listenable. The Letter Openers generally follow the formula but do it with about 8 chords. Silver Needle plays a slower song, reminiscent of The O.A.O.T's track. King Cheetah rocks the final track with a slow spacey jam. Like a classic rock version of Built to Spill.

There you have it folks, another comp destroyed by the reviewing machine. I rule. This comp doesn't.