Zebrahead - Live at the House of Blues DVD (Cover Artwork)
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Live at the House of Blues 📀 (2004)

Kung Fu

If you asked me if I was a Zebrahead fan I'd probably respond with a modest "Yes." They're an enjoyable band, stirring pop-punk in with some urban flavor, glazed with a modern-rock aroma. Their albums have that feel good summer sense to them, but don't quite capture the essence of seeing the band live. Kung Fu Records has been doing an excellent job with their Show Must Go Off series to bring energetic performances of music to the home entertainment system. So in short, I was rather eager to pop this DVD in and scribble down a review.

Joe Escalante and his minions haven't stopped with their success yet, although they came close. This DVD captured the band wholly during their CD release show for their latest record, "MFZB." They just did it sloppy as all hell. Throughout the Reel Big Fish video you rarely catch a glimpse of the cameramen; however it seems that every shot on this night contains at least one of them. Most of the clips filmed by these guys are rather shaky and uneasy too. I know the pains of filming and video editing, but it gets a tad out of hand. Production is saving grace though, even if the couldn't get rid of the majority of the crew the footage is still put together quite well.

…but what about the show?

Well, on stage banter is what a "party" band strives on and when Justin Mauriello opens the show in his grandmother's muumuu you know there will be a load of amusement. A set list comprised equally from all three of their studio recordings gave a packed House of Blues a reason to bounce and sing their hearts out for over an hour. Hangin' out in the crowd to sing "Jag Off" excited the boys and girls. Jay's rant from "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back" was a nice touch to their choice of tunes. During "Set Up" they were able to stir up the pit quite nicely, as the clips from the crowd showed everyone having fun. The two radio singles from Waste of Mind "Get Back" and "Check" really spark the crowd to stretch their vocal chords to match Mauriello and Ali Tabatabaee word-for-word. Commencing an encore performance with "Playmate of the Year" caused the largest ruckus of the evening.

Once you look past the aesthetics you've got a good product in your hands. The band commentary is downright hilarious. On the other hand, the back stage footage and photo sections are what you've come to expect from the series, nothing revolutionary, but still an excellent added trait in the series.