Forever Is Forgotten - Dying Beautiful [re-issue] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Forever Is Forgotten

Dying Beautiful [re-issue] (2004)


After an interesting debut with "The Architecture Is Still Burning," Thorp Records decided to release Forever Is Forgotten's demo, "Dying Beautiful." Upon the re-release of this EP, Thorp tossed in a couple live tracks for your listening pleasure. On their first recordings, the Milwaukee band shows what would come later.

"Dying Beautiful" showcases the band's penchant for melody and chaos rather well, and although most of these songs are on the band's full-length, it still makes for a good listen. Some of the most melodic parts on this disc remind me of "Opposite of December" era Poison the Well, minus the singing. However, the band's aggressive side is still shown. As there are still plenty of tempo and stylistic shifts to keep the listener's attention, as well as the crushing riffs that fans of this band have come to expect. While not exactly cut from the same mold as their tech metal inspired peers, Forever Is Forgotten still holds their own. What the band lacks in pure technical ability, they make up for in intensity and catchy riffs. The live portion of the EP features the band's new vocalist, CJ Krueger. The live songs sound good, and surprisingly clean. I was expecting the songs to sound completely muffled, but luckily, they sound about as good as a live song from a smaller band is going to sound.

If you're looking for a band that plays urgent and chaotic music, but doesn't forget about the melody, this band should appeal to you. Even the most frantic moments of this EP have memorable riffs attached to them. Although this release isn't exactly new, it's still worth checking out. I'm looking forward to hearing some new music from these guys.

My Favorite Track: Destroying A Lifetime Of Innocence