Lovelight Shine - Makes Out (Cover Artwork)
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Lovelight Shine

Makes Out (2000)

Big Wheel Recreation

There's Rock and Roll, and then there's Rock and *fucking* Roll. Rising out of the ashes of the severely under-appreciated San Diego band Jejune comes Lovelight Shine, who are most assuredly Rock and *fucking* Roll.

Jejune fans take note, this isn't the shoegazer-emo-pop you're used to. Ex-Jejuners Joey [guitar/vox], Chris [drums], and Mark [guitar] have recruited bass player Gary and with this EP are well on their way to be the saviors of rock.

"Freedom Fighter" jumpstarts the album right from the opening guitar lick, effectively letting the band rock out for a solid three minutes. Your parents could probably listen to this and imagine themselves back in the 70s, throwing the newest album from Cheap Trick onto the turntable. The guitar solo is nothing short of wicked, and this leaves you wanting more.

If more is what you want, "X-Ray Vision" is what you get. Again, this song smokes right out from the gate. It's very classic rock, but in the best way possible. The vocals slide along the crunchy guitar lines like a panther stalking it's prey, waiting until the right moment to strike and blow the listener away with a sonic bombardment of guitars and soaring vocal lines.

So after two successful "rock out" songs in a row, what does the band do? If you guessed "power ballad," you're right. "Earth's Last Lifeline" is straight off of an early Queen or Kiss album, with walls of guitars complementing all of the upraised lighters in the audience. It's almost cheesy with the bells playing in the background and the chorus of "I'm in love with the god of distortion," but it's still very enjoyable.

The rock kicks back into place with "Foxxmeat" begins with rolling drums and squealing guitars, building up to the straight power-chord extravaganza of a chorus. How someone could not enjoy this is absolutely beyond me.

The album closes with another epic power ballad entitled The March Is On," which cracks the 5 minute barrier and includes dueling guitars as well as the essential ballad element, a piano. Imagine the wailing guitars from the "Bill and Ted" movies and you'll be on the right track. This is so over-the-top that it's a wonder that the band even takes themselves seriously, but because they do, it's a testament to everyone else who is watching that Lovelight Shine is taking their job as the saviors of rock to heart.

If you love the good rock and roll of the 70s coupled with good 80s metal like Guns N Roses added to Brit rockers like David Bowie, there is no reason in the world for you to not like this. There is no reason for "punks," "emo kids," or any other type of scenester to not enjoy this, as we all should still appreciate the rock. While I still miss Jejune, it's nice to know that the former members aren't just sitting around waiting for someone else to carry the rock torch.

Freedom Fighter
X-Ray Vision
Earth's Last Lifeline