The Code - Rhetoric Of Reason (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Code

Rhetoric Of Reason (2004)

Jump Start

For the past few years outside of the Western Pennsylvania area the Code have been a mere speck of dust on the eye glasses of the punk rock scene. However, after a very successful stint on tour with the Suicide Machines and Against All Authority and a few new recordings under their belt, perhaps it's finally their chance to make some noise?

A total of four songs, one being a risky cover, help the politically themed Rhetoric of Reason pack a solid punch. "Know Your Enemy" escapes the cliché of labeling the band as Anti-Flag rip offs. Instead the band fails to stop for a red light as H2O's and the Bouncing Souls' tour busses are coming full speed from the opposite direction. Their blend of ska-punk musicianship doesn't hide for long as "The Pace" implores to be integrated in their live show's set list by providing a danceable beat and appealing lyrics for a few sweaty kids to help backup Marcdefiant up on vocals. Revisiting the combination of music displayed on the first track "Break the Silence" pans out to be the standout track. It's a straight up punk song with lyrics that paint the picture of the album's artwork (which is hit or miss), but it's the raucous palm-muting heckling the listener that build this one up. For years their shows have been filled with the energy and passion of "Unity" and now the same emotions that ignite a small club have been put to record. Now you might dispute that the world never needs another Operation Ivy cover, but despite your plea the Code will prove you wrong. They don't do too much with the song, playing the same straight up ska-punk sound that the classic is known for. Instead of stopping there as most renditions do, the heart, soul and sweat that graced the original are harnessed for an ideal ending to this impressive record.

While short EPs have a tendency to be a tough sell, consider Rhetoric of Reason to be the perfect introduction to one of the most exciting ska-punk acts in the scene today.