Marshes - The Marshes (Cover Artwork)


The Marshes (1995)


Here is the second installment of my 'Pop-punk bands actually worth listening to' series. The Marshes are a band from Massachusetts and they exemplify the darker side of pop-punk. They're lyrics are well written and somewhat desturbing at times, while they're music is pretty much straight forward punk rock, with no emo, no metal, and no skate punk anywhere near it. This debut ep is awesome. All eight songs are good, my favorites being 'Brut Zone' and 'Cave'. Some are fast, some are mid-tempo. They do have a harder Jawbreaker sound to them, but then again, I compare everyone to Jawbreaker. I happened upon this in a used cd shop in Huntington, WV about four years ago, and the only Marshes songs I've seen anywhere else where on some lame comp for Grass Records, and by the way, those songs were awesome too. If you run across a Marshes release, you should do yourself a favor and pick it up. They are one of the many undiscovered punk bands out there that will impress any real fan of the music.

(This CD EP is out of print, according to their label, and no picture could be found, so here's the cover of Recluse, which should might want to check out - Aubin)