Young Heart Attack - Mouthful Of Love (Cover Artwork)
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Young Heart Attack

Mouthful Of Love (2004)


Band Will Rock Your Socks off Or Die Trying

BY ROGER ROCKINGTON III - Daily Growl Staff Writer

AUSTIN, TX - The appropriately titled band Young Heart Attack found itself in the hospital yesterday after rocking just way too hard. "34 minutes of all out rock akin to the sounds of old, like Led Zepplin and AC/DC, was too much for their young hearts to handle," a doctor stated. The hometown crowd tonight was into their sound, so the band apparently tried to push it over the top again and again for them. With their revival of uncompromisingly loud rock and roll, "It was really just a matter of which went first, their hearts or their ears," the doctor added.

The five piece band wears their influences on their sleeves, as their setlist or their newest album Mouthful of Love will reveal. The song "Startlite" sounds like a lost track from the Lifehouse sessions of the Who's legendary Who's Next, with a guitar imitating a "Won't Get Fooled Again"-style synth line to start off the solid tune. The band were even as obvious as to cover an MC5 song, "Over and Over", which may have been the beginning of trouble for them, being on tour with their recently reunited heroes. This perhaps resulted in the youths pushing it just a bit too far for their bodies to handle, wanting to impress their idols. During this reporter's favorite "Sick of Doing Time", their singer, doing his best Iggy Pop scream, passed out onstage. The other band members thought it was all part of the act and proceed to rock until two more joined him on the floor and the song crashed to a halt. The band as a whole was rushed to an Austin Hospital for examination. All five appear to be in stable condition, but have been warned by their doctors to take things down a notch, but fear that they will ignore the advice.

Young Heart Attack does a little to separate themselves from what came before, by adding a duo of male and female vocals. The young lady, who's name was not released to the public, sounds most of the time like she belongs in Sahara Hotnights, while at other times adding a gentle touch of the Supremes to the chaos. The band's younger fans also screamed for more tonight, for the band reminds them of The Hives' energetic brand of take-no-prisoners rock, and The Darkness' ability to shred on the guitar. But this group takes things more seriously than the later named band- they are not joking around in their rock. In fact, they are so serious that they will forego the doctor's suggestion and continue on with their tour. I for one hope they return back to Austin safely.