Cost Of Living - Cost Of Living (Cover Artwork)
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Cost Of Living

Cost Of Living (2004)


To quote Rod Flanders:

"Ow, my freakin' ears!"

This EP from Cost of Living is really a painful experience, and not in a cool Discordance Axis kind of way. I knew I was in trouble from the first moment I heard the vocals in the first track: "you wanna take it from me now?" uttered in a quasi-street smart manner that aims for edgy but comes off as laughable. What came next wouldn't do much to alleviate my pain. What's worse than rap rock? How about rap rock mixed with uninspired nu-emo? Yes, that's right, the ultimate hybrid of awful music has been born. This EP is packed with songs that would sound great in the commercial for a second rate action movie.

I can see it now:
Announcer: It was a quiet, rural town
(shots of kids playing)
Announcer: Until the mafia demolished the elementary school and built a bordello
(shots of guys in suits laughing)
Announcer: Now, one man is fighting back…
(shots of explosions and fight scenes with Cost of Living playing the background)
Announcer: This summer…Jean Claude Van Damme is… "Kind Of Annoyed With This Recent Turn Of Events."

The sad thing is, all of the musicians seem to be fairly proficient with their instruments, but it's all wasted on this.