Chronic Future - Lines In My Face (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Chronic Future

Lines In My Face (2004)


The revolution will not be televised. Nor will it be shitty rap/rock on Interscope Records. In true white boy fashion, the rap style is ripped straight from that dude from P.O.D. or Papa Roach, only instead of breaking into nü-metal shitty chorus', they break into catchy, shitty pseudo-punk akin to Hoobastank or Lostprophets. The left banner on used to be an ad for their "controversial new video." Homeboys got political for one video and bought ad space on Punknews. Too bad their shitty, formulaic sound doesn't belong here.

When will A&R reps learn about what people really want? We don't want another rap/rock band. We especially don't want them to have a "punk" edge. Just because this type of shit is being played all over the radio doesn't mean that it's GOOD.

Anyway, I better talk about the CD more or you'll all get pissed and whine. There are twelve songs, and fifty total minutes of shit-tastic ball suckage packed into this CD. Boring, generic song titles include: "Thank You (wasn't this an Alanis Morrisette song?)," "New York, NY (Andrew W.K. already did the only metal song about NYC that will ever matter)," and "Wicked Games (not to be confused with Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game")." Way to be original, you fucking hacks.

The back of the CD has a big FBI anti-piracy warning on it. As if anyone would ever want to pirate this. But, if you're curious, and want the CD for free please *do'n'* instant message me at: carringtonxbear, because I definitely *won't* send you the entire album in mp3 format. This is not worth anyone's money.