Pipi Skid - Funny Farm (Cover Artwork)

Pipi Skid

Funny Farm (2004)

Peanuts And Corn

Anton Benger

Pip Skid is on Winnipeg political underground hip hop label Peanuts and Corn records. For anyone that says 'this is not punk', they have never listened to Pip Skid.

This guy raps about everything from poverty, the problems of government, sexual assault, not smoking, chauvinism, fascism, personal problems - crappy job, jealousy, drug addiction, dysfunctional families, and the importance of washing your hands to the sad state of modern day hip hop which he claims is no longer about producing a message but has become a corporate fashion show. Pip Skid has performed with punk rock heavy weights such as Propagandhi and Malefaction.

Now, onto his latest disc - Funny Farm.
His first album Friends 4 Ever has nothing on this.The sound has grown darker, his vocals gruffer and his rhymes and beats are incredible. The production on this album is also excellent.

Top Songs Review:
1. Pip Skizzy - a very cool opener, parodying the "raise your hands in the air chants of pop hip hop groups. A solid tune that sets the tone of the album.

2. Funny Farm - This song is incredible. An excellent dark sounding song. About loss, and how his girlfriend was unable to wait for him.

3. Germ Warfare - Another great tune. Really interesting, engaging lyrics. It's targeted towards all those dirty people you see that never wash their hands after using the wasroom, it's about the germs all around us. If you want something different from Hip Hop this is it.

5. 5:20am - song about his terrible job in an old person's home cooking shitty food and geting nothing for it.

6. Jealousy - this tune is amazing. It captures all those feelings of anguish and grief that are forged through jealousy. These song provides something I can relate to. "Shit, damn, mo-fo, like D'Angelo, I'm gonna split your fuckin' melon like a cantelope"

7. Beer Monster - Another deeply personal tune about how he overcame alcohol and drugs to put his life on track. Great lyrics again, and good beats. "I drink to keep from worrying, smile to keep from crying, it's a mean old world that almost stopped me from trying. I got lost in a haze of booze and weed, lost my focus and no longer knew what I need"

14. My Two Dads - perfect song to finish the album with. Really good tune and again outstanding lyrics. it's about how his father abandoned his family and he grew up alone and isolated. He had a step-dad who he despised, yet through the years they have grown closer, and now he has almost taken the place of a dad. A really personal song, I love it.

In conclusion, I hope this album makes it to the coveted review section because this album is a truly awesome piece of work. Regardless of your like/dislike for hip hop check out Pip Skid. I always hated hip hop but this guy showed me that it is a real, relevant and great type of music.