Dynamite Boy - Finders Keepers (Cover Artwork)
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Dynamite Boy

Finders Keepers (1999)


To be honest with you, there is no reason that I as the reviewer should like this CD. But I as the average listener think it's awesome.

[reviewer response]

Dynamite Boy is a four-piece punk band that plays bland, sappy, melodic pop punk, with the majority of their songs about girls/relationships/etc. You know the drill. This doesn't do anything for me to stand out from the rest of the field.

[/reviewer response]

[average listener response]

For some odd reason, this CD is... good. The first time I listened to it, it bored me half to death. Now, I'm in love with it, almost begrudgingly. The lyrics are catchy, and the guitar riffs are pretty original, for a punk band. It doesn't hurt them that most of their songs are in different tempos and keys. This keeps them sounding fresh, instead of some other melodic punk bands which seem to prefer the same chord progression over and over and over... The last song on the CD, "Johnny's War," is a bit of a change from the motif set by the previous 11 tracks. The song has much more of a Bouncing Souls/Dropkick Murphys feel to it, and the vocals sound like one of the singers from the aforementioned bands (there's no credit in the liner notes, so I have no clue who sang it). It's really good. Then, after about a minute of silence, there's a "hidden" song, which sounds a lot like AFI, circa "Very Proud Of Ya." This is also a very good song, and I wish it would have a track number so I could play it easier.

Dynamite Boy is able to rock, and to rock hard. I've been told the kids like these guys a lot. I'd like to see them live, they seem like they'd be the friendliest bunch of guys in the world. If you like the Ataris, you'll love Dynamite Boy.

[/average listener response]

[taken from A different kind of greatness webzine]