Strung Out - Twisted by Design (Cover Artwork)

Strung Out

Twisted by Design (1998)

Fat Wreck Chords


OK, this was the first Strung Out album I bought. I hadn't really heard much Strung Out before I heard "Virginia Madison" on some Fat comp. The second I heard it I was blow away and I new I had to hear more. I soon went out and ordered it (I live in Denmark where it's almost impossible to find punk-rock music. Except for NOFX and Pennywise...)

When it finally arrived I rushed home and popped it in my CD player. Wow, Fuck me, I couldn't believe an album could be so melodic and hard at the same time.

"Too Close To See" kicked off the album with a blast! Followed by 13 other fantastic songs. Each one unique in it's own way. Complex guitars, fast and accurate drumming by Jordan (who's along with Rodrigo (one of the best punk rock drummers) and Jason phenominal voice adds extra emotion to the songs.

It's kinda hard to describe Strung Out's sound. It's Punk-rock with more or less a twist of metal. In songs like "Ice Burn" you can really hear that they've focused on the metal stuff while they on songs like "Tattoo" have concentrated more on the Punk.

The album ends with the song "Match Book" which is one of the best songs on the album. Amazing song.

Best songs: "Too Close to See", "Mind of My Own", "Paperwalls" (a fantastic love song) and "Match Book".

In other words go out and buy this album it really rocks. On my top 5 album list.