Lazy American Workers - Surf Lake Erie (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Lazy American Workers

Surf Lake Erie (2003)


Lazy American Workers' lead vocalist and guitarist Todd Evans was in GWAR and that's really all you need to know.

Ok, ok, so there's more to this Toldeo in-your-face-speed-punk band than that, but seriously man, GWAR!!! Sorry, I did it again. Surf Lake Erie's twenty minutes of music plays out as if the band is telling you they don't care if you like this or not. Basically every song is a sub-two minute fury of rapid power chords punching you in the face while the trio laughs and hammers a few more beers. Lyrically they're on the same pace as Guttermouth and/or Beefcake, pleasuring themselves with humors pokes at everything. It's rather displeasing to say that the standout track on a record is a cover song, but c'mon, the rendition of Iron Maiden's "The Trooper" slays, just listen to Evan's replicated licks!!

Lazy American Workers are a sloppy group of guys who will be just as content with their music if I press 1 or 10 on the rating scale and that's just the attitude musicians need. Punk rock elitists back off, there's nothing new here, but not anything too bad either, get drunk and fall off of a boat in the middle of lake Erie rockin' to this one.