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Twisted Roots

Twisted Roots (2004)

Dionysus/Bacchus Archives

According to the history included in the liner notes written by keyboardist and founder Paul Roessler, Twisted Roots was formed by him asking people he knew and saw in other bands to start a band with him. Through this he got together Pat Smear (ex-Germs), his sister Kira (now of Black Flag, dos fame), and few others to consummate his brain child that lasted from 1981-1983.

Most songs on this CD follow the early punk/synth pop formula while dabbling in some noisy experimentalism. This CD is heavy on synthesizer, since Roessler was the main songwriter. The guitar is loud and very rhythmic, while the bass is featured with killer riffs in songs like "Pretentiawhat" and "I Want to Be Trendy." There are a lot of gang vocals on this CD, but what really shines through is the snotty yell/shout of front-woman Maggie Ehrig.

The true appeal of this collection is diversity of the music. While songs like "The Yellow One" and "Snaked" could be seen as blueprints for modern synth-pop bands like The Anniversary, experimental noise songs like the big-tent circus march "Parade!" or the single note bass and noise freakout "Pretty Little White House" give the band a true punk rock attitude.

Lyrically, this band attacks issues like domesticism, atomic energy, sex, status-quo conformity, and pretentious intellectualism. Bottom line: if you like bands like The Germs or The Screamers, you should probably check this band out since it's part of the extended family. If you like experimental noise rock, you should probably check this band out. If you like synth pop, you should probably check this band out.