The Ed Random Band - Boxer (Cover Artwork)
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The Ed Random Band

Boxer (2004)


Now this is a record with some balls. Every song on here just exudes guts and grit. But, they also feature some great sing-a-longs. Coming to us by the way of Wolverine Records, Germany's The Ed Random Band has put out one of the catchiest albums I've heard in a very long time.

With influences from punk, rock, and rockabilly, the sound of this album isn't exactly shocking, what is shocking is just how fun it is. They managed to make this incredibly catchy without sacrificing anything along the way, and that doesn't happen much. The band can pull off more aggressive sounding tunes like "Hope," and slower tracks like "Red Flag" with equal skill. Their sound isn't far off from bands like Bombshell Rocks, but at the same time, they definitely add their own flair. The vocals fit the music perfectly, they are passionate, but at the same time, it sounds as though the mic is only temporarily filling the spot of the singer's beer. This gives the band a good balance of snotty and well-sung vocals. Musically, each band members knows how to play their instrument, and it's evident in many of the great riffs heard throughout this album. The band also benefits from the clear, but not too perfect production.

Really, this is just a fun record to listen to. Anyone who likes rock-influenced punk should give this band a listen; this is good stuff. I had never heard of these guys before this album, but I must say, I'm really impressed. It's rare that a band with have me one the first listen, but that's just what happened here. Thus far, this is one of the more pleasant surprises of 2004. This album manages to be catchy, fun, and urgent all at the same time. I don't really know what else to say, check it out.

My Favorite Track: Love's A Whore

Red Flag MP3