Pigmy Love Circus - The Power Of Beef (Cover Artwork)
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Pigmy Love Circus

The Power Of Beef (2004)

Go Kart

This band can't be serious.

In case you didn't know, Danny Carey from Tool joined up with three fat dudes who have long hair. And that's exactly what this band sounds like. It sounds like Danny Carey from Tool joined up with three fat dudes who have long hair. Think: Madball trying to do metal. And sucking at it.

Chock full o' boring riffs and one note bass lines, the only redeeming quality of this band is the drumming, which, of course, is great. Other than that, just be prepared for lots of low-energy chugga-chugga.

I guess my main problem with this band is that Scissorfight already did this much better, and with much more hilarity. Not only is it boring and slow, but it's not nearly as ridiculous, and therefore the "this is so bad it's good" factor doesn't come into play as much.

When listening to this CD, I want to start stomping around my room, scowling and pounding my fists in mid-air. Then I want to fall to the floor laughing because I'm being absolutely ridiculous (but not as ridiculous as this CD). I swear, for 3/4 of the song, the bass plays the SAME DAMN NOTE.

Anyway, the neat part is, if you don't know the title to any song, just wait until the chorus and you'll get the entire band shouting it at you over and over again. Seriously. "Livin' Like Shit," "Drug Run to Fontana," "Swamp Creature," " Bone Orchard," etc. all feature the shouting of the song title for a chorus.

I think this might replace "The Little Mermaid Soundtrack" as my favorite record to fall asleep listening to. It's really that boring.

Anyway, if this is a joke band, they still don't do a good job of it. As I said earlier, Scissorfight blows these guys out of the water.