Grey Area - Grey Area (Cover Artwork)

Grey Area

Grey Area (1998)


In the demise of Raybeez and warzone comes GreyArea (one word) with some guys who are NYC punk/hardcore veterans features Ernie Parada ex-Token Entry and Black Train Jack, and Vinny Value ex-Warzone and no redeeming social value... with Syd Butler on bass. You might expect this band to come out of OC with the fast melodic sing along sound often compared to the bouncing souls. Standout songs on the album are "Right Now!", "For Real" written for the late great Raybeez and others like "the machine", "Before Me" and "Vinny#2" This is not as melodic and fast as 2000's Fanbelt Algebra but still one of the best albums ever put out by Victory and Grey Area. If your expecting Grey Area to sound like Warzone you're going to be disappointed.. but still some of the best melodic punk to come out of NYC or the East Coast.