Various - Against Police Injustice (Cover Artwork)
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Against Police Injustice (2003)


Against Police Injustice is the first of a series of benefit compilations created to aid those who may have been wronged by the United States legal system. This particular edition speaks in the name of Ahmad Nelson who was accused and locked up for the murder of a police officer, although there was no proof that Nelson was even in the immediate vicinity, let alone actually committed the crime.

There's a lot of big names that make up twenty five tracks here, ranging from Against Me!, Choking Victim, F-Minus, Anti-Flag, Bouncing Souls, Morning Glory, and Leftover Crack. Ok, by a lot of big names I meant the Crack Rock Steady bunch and a few others. While there are some standout bands, the downfall is that nearly every song has been previously released. Not saying "Baby I'm An Anarchist" (Against Me!) or "Lamar Vannoy" (Bouncing Souls) are bad songs, they're just on a ton of compilations already, not to mention you should have those records anyway.

Perhaps focusing on a few of the lesser known bands that stick out would be in favor.

Six Gun Radio – Get On Your Way - Rapid guitars and punch-in-the-face drums with a singer who bares comparison to Joe D. of Jugg's Revenge.

Nausea – Electrodes - Roger Miret's wife's band supplies a crusty punk style with some metal tendencies and dual male/female vocals spilling out some anchro political lyrics.

Osama st'z Laden & the Crack Rock Steady – Super Tuesday - This song using the same title is on Fuck World Trade the new album from Leftover Crack

Stockyard Stoics – Adolescent Chemistry - A solid, no-frills punk rock tune with raspy vocals fronting upbeat and dirty guitar play.

World / Inferno Friendship Society – Secret Service Freedom Fighting USA - This group is really starting to make some noise with their dancey-pop-rock-ska tightly wound musicianship spanning across 13 members. If you're a fan of this song I highly recommend one of their records as it compliments well.

For a minimal donation of only $10, twenty-five songs and supporting a good cause isn't a bad deal. Aside from the plethora of released songs there are still plenty of bands you may not have heard of and are sure to like a few of them if you're into the genre. Due to the majority of the raw tracks sticking close to one style they flow together rather well and only a few tracks seem out of mix. For example, "Hoof 2 Da Mouth" an electronic-guided song featuring Stza from Leftover Crack is an interesting one to swallow. Upon reading the liner notes you will learn that Ahmad was acquitted of the crime. Don't feel like you were cheated for your buck though, as the proceeds will now help the Nelson family regain the funds that were lost in fighting for his freedom.