Mustard Plug - Pray For Mojo (Cover Artwork)

Mustard Plug

Pray For Mojo (1999)


Ska is dying! There's only a few bands left. Who's gonna save it? Who? Who? Please help.....(catchy intro song)

Oh my! It's Mustard Plug!!!!

This album is what kept me into ska. As far as I'm concerned, Against All Authority and Mustard Plug are the only bands that are keeping the ska era alive. Anyway on with the review.

This cd is quite frankly, perfect. Mustard Plug is musically brilliant. Punk rock and ska often get lost in a sea of lyrical praise and rebellion. Of course, this is all good but we often forget about the music. The music is beautiful. Everything blends great, the horns, the guitar, the bass, and the drums. Unbelievable horn section.

I really wanted to destroy this band. I really did. I heard about them by word of mouth. With a, quite frankly, stupid name like Mustard Plug and an idiotic album name, Pray For Mojo, I wanted to write this band off like nothing. However, I feel in love with them from the first song.

Recomended songs are "Lolita," "Away From Here," and "Throw a Bomb."

Ska is alive. Operation Ivy isn't coming back. Mustard Plug will blow your mohak, spiked, bowled, comb over, and parted hair off, my friends.