Autumn Falling - In Hiding (Cover Artwork)
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Autumn Falling

In Hiding (2004)


Autumn Falling is a male/female duo who knocks on your door with the wonder of acoustic guitar and an accompanying violin. Their brand of uptempo, heartfelt tunes is far from spectacular, but the effort put into trying to be a little more original about expressing relationship problems in the lyrics along with a consistency in moods that doesn't lead to repetition or monotony has them working in their favor. "Forgotten Holiday" opens the EP up, and its immediate strumming sets things off well. The slight tempo changes throughout are nice, but the touch of female vocals are a bit too subtle, and are used sparsely. The songs would benefit a bit from a little more of the female vocal touch. There's scattered amounts of piano that are all placed right, like the outro of "Showing Up Unannounced." I'm not sure how all these things would translate live, but the CD is a halfway decent dose of emotional outbreaks. This pair doesn't do a ton of stuff to differentiate themselves from every other duo armed with an acoustic guitar and a nasal set of vocal chops ready to unleash tales of their emotional well/ill-doing on an unassuming public, but there's a couple interesting things going on that keep it from falling into the bait of complete cliché and total treachery. MP3
Forgotten Holiday