The Prize Fight - Words Don't Mean Anything (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Prize Fight

Words Don't Mean Anything (2003)


The Prize Fight are a pop-punk band with a brass section. Not a bad description, something like Reel Big Fish or Less Than Jake right? Hey, there's even a thrifty acronym to match the aforementioned -- TPF!

I wish…

When I heard the horn line that guided the opener, "The Trainwreck," along the rails, eagerness instantly struck me. Unfortunately, this song takes the course suggested by the title and is no jumpstart for a 4th wave of ska. TPF borrow the backbone of their sound right out of New Found Glory's playbook and have two horn players ready to audible into formation. Comparisons can be drawn to Yellowcard, who pulled a similar stunt by incorporating a peculiar violinist into their melodies. The violin element helped spring them into commercial success and I'm sure the unique aspect added to the Prize Fight's sound will harvest attention from Jason Tate and his minions.

Aside from that pinch of originality the Words Don't Mean Anything EP provides another five songs into the continuous pit of unnecessary pop-punk music. The Prize Fight are nothing more than a Punchline or a Startling Line, with horns. Oh, look at that, they even got Kenny Vasoli (the Startling Line) to lend backup vocals on "More Or Less."