My Revenge - Less Plot, More Blood (Cover Artwork)
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My Revenge

Less Plot, More Blood (2004)


There are plenty of ways to start an album. Maybe you want to just cut to the chase and rock out, maybe you can start with a sound clip from an obscure movie, maybe you can just have a really long, boring intro that makes people sick of the album before it even starts. So what did My Revenge pick? Why, they picked the best option of all, they start off their new release, Less Plot, More Blood, with the theme from Halloween. After releasing their first album on Element, My Revenge decided to move on to the ever-expanding Thorp Records for the follow up.

Before you jump to conclusions with your trusty jump to conclusions mat, this isn't an AFI clone. Rather, My Revenge plays Warzone and Cro-Mags influenced hardcore, and they do it with surprising success. These songs have a quality that will get you moving whether you like it or not. The music switches off between melodic, and crunchy riffs, and more traditional breakdowns. The throaty vocals are easily identifiable and have a pretty unique quality to them, although the screamed portions bare a slight resemblance to Aaron from Bane. They also switch up quite a bit, from shouting to screaming to rapid fire ranting.

I'm sure there are literally hundreds of NYHC influenced bands floating around out there, but My Revenge does it particularly well. They add other elements to their sound, and don't just beat the same pace into your head over and over again, and this is what makes this album enjoyable. These guys are also building a reputation for their chaotic live show, which apparently features them setting drumsets on fire, amongst other things.

My Favorite Track: Can't Kill My Dreams

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