Countdown To Life - Tragedy Is So Irresistible (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Countdown To Life

Tragedy Is So Irresistible (2003)

State of Grace

They have it all. The vague, nonsense name - the CD title aiming at something deep and dark - the double-time drum beats mixed with Fat rip off guitar riffs - imitation metal riffs - screaming (and cookie-monster growling) - and really boring basslines. As if it wasn't generic enough, you have to endure this mess through the thinnest mix ever.

Countdown to Life can't decide if they want to be a metalcore band, or a melodic punk band. So they mixed the two. And boy oh boy is it by the book. There's even singing on some songs. That's right. They had the audacity to ride the wave. Maybe they'll get a sweet gig opening up for Alexisonfire or Thrice.

Track names like "Better Off Dead," and "Die Waiting" are vomit inducing, while someone forgot to tell them that The Cure already had a song called "Love Song." And it most certainly isn't shitty metalcore. Here's another tip: if you're in a metalcore band, you don't get to write songs about love. Here are some lyrical samples from "Love Song" (completely screamed and shouted):

"now I can feel some joy, the cobwebs falling slowly, you've begun to remove the callouses (those losers - it's supposed to be callus. They are two different words) from my heart, this is new to me, I don't know where to start. i can't explain it, what you do to me."

Why don't you go bake some cupcakes while at it? Or just start an acoustic emo band and call yourselves "Countdown to When We Might Start Getting Good."

I've heard Belle and Sebastian CDs that rock harder than this. And I hate Belle and Sebastian.