Bleeding Through - This Is Live, This Is Murderous DVD (Cover Artwork)
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Bleeding Through

This Is Live, This Is Murderous 📀 (2004)

Kung Fu

It came as a surprise to some people, or at least to me when Kung Fu started to go a slightly more metallic direction with their live video series. I really wasn't expecting them put out DVDs featuring the likes of Shadows Fall and Bleeding Through. When I first heard about "This Is Live, This Is Murderous" I was intrigued based solely on the strange situation noted above, but I wasn't exactly dying to hear it either. Bleeding Through is a decent band, and their take on metalcore is at least better than bands like From Autumn To Ashes, but I didn't take more than a passing interest in this.

Until, that is, this thing was basically dropped into my lap, and I mean that literally, because it fell out of the package. In keeping with the other installments of this series, Bleeding Through's disc features clear sound, and quality footage. My only complaint, and it's a small one, is that you can't really hear the crowd shouting the lyrics back at the band, but there's nothing they could've done about that. However, everything else sounds great. None of the instruments drown each other out and the vocals sound extremely clear. In terms of variety, there is a decent mix of older and newer songs on here, perpetual fan pleaser "Rise" is there, as are songs from this is "This is Love, This is Murderous," such as "Number Seven With A Bullet." The band also puts on a strong, energetic performance.

If you're a fan of this band, you're going to want to pick this up. In a lot of cases, sound quality becomes an issue with live videos, but Kung Fu has put out some great sounding stuff in this series, and this one is no exception.