Killer Squirrel - Self Released (and loving it) (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Killer Squirrel

Self Released (and loving it) (2004)

Operation Phoenix Records

Killer Squirrel is a solo project. A man, a guitar, his roommate's bass gear, some drum loops, and semi-tongue in cheek political lyrics. This CD follows a basic pattern of the two most basic song structures ever: three chord punk and twelve bar blues. Behind every song is a strong political message, and behind that is a sense of comedy.

When he isn't using silly sounding drum loops, it's not that bad. Well, the song "Speaking My Mind" is, mostly just because it's a lot of his recorded flatulence, but to be fair, it is pretty funny. Tracks like the bluesy acoustic "My American Dream (by way of a 737), telling the story that his American Dream is fulfilled because a plane crashed on his head and now he has someone to sue. Ridiculous, right? But it hits home. Lines like "rich people have taught me/that life is cheap/and corporations can do anything they please/so why not me?" Lyrics haven't been simpler and more to the point, but it really fits with the entire idea of the band.

My favorite track easily would be the thrashfest "Raindrops," that comes complete with double-time looped drums, distorted vocals, and a little voice skit at the end featuring a hero named "Weak-sauce."

Probably what I most appreciate about this release is the sheer DIY attitude about it. One guy has an affection for politics and humor, and puts them together on an album that he wrote, played every instrument for, and put out independently on his own label. That's fucking punk rawk.

Overall, it's got no lasting value, but serves it's purpose as novelty, and could bring a smile to your face if you're in need of intentional comedy music in the key of punk.