Die Young - The Message (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Die Young

The Message (2004)

Immigrant Sun

Oh boy, another metallic hardcore band, I can barely contain my excitement. I think I've heard more metallic hardcore bands than the talent scouts at Victory in the mid-90's. Regardless, Die Young had a few things working against them before I even listened to their CD, but I wasn't going to let that influence my final decision on "The Message."

The first thing I noticed about this record was the energy, Die Young just flies through the first track before you even have a chance to catch your breath. It's not just speed either, there's a kind of exuberance and passion in these songs that so many bands like this lack. That's not to say they aren't following a path already well travelled by bands like Terror, but unlike the sea of bands competing for your attention in this genre, Die Young has taken the sound and made it their own. They don't sound like they're playing based on some blue print, although a lot of what appears on this disc is to be expected, this band has managed to make it sound relatively fresh. At times Die Young can be cheesy and overbearing, but when compared to the likes of Shattered Realm, everything on here sounds extremely subtle.

Mosh filled hardcore is hardly anything new, but with their energy, Die Young managed to hold my attention throughout this entire disc. This may not be the most challenging or groundbreaking record you'll ever hear, but if you're looking for something to listen to in the car after a shitty day at work, this might be it. As much as I was prepared to write this off, Die Young simply wouldn't allow it. This record isn't amazing by any means, but it serves its purpose. The songs on this disc should get people moving.

My Favorite Track: The Message