She Walks In Beauty - Trample The Weak And Hurdle The Dead (Cover Artwork)

She Walks In Beauty

Trample The Weak And Hurdle The Dead (2004)


"Hey mother fuckers you better run cause we will fucking kill you."

That would be the midpoint of the 8 minute "Soundtrack To A Horror Movie", the E.P.'s opening track which also includes the "Sick Ass Get Awesome Intro". This line pretty much sums up Trample The Weak And Hurdle The Dead.

Tired of the same ol' metalcore? Well apparently so are She Walks In Beauty. This is no where near your average metalcore. These guys keep it so fresh and interesting it has fully restored my faith in the hardcore/metal/metalcore scene, and given me something to listen to while at work and driving for the past couple of days. I have yet to grow tired of these songs. Being that it's only 4 songs total, it leaves me wanting more.

With excellent sung/yelled melodies and actually good slow breakdowns (PTW watch out), this band is out to prove something. The two guitarists play so well off of each other...the heavy parts are in your face and more metal than Robo-cop. The soft parts are so well written and played, with singer Jake Luhrs switching from his usual low yell to actual singing...and SWIB do the soft parts just as well as their heavy parts, and better than other heavy bands with softer parts.

My least favorite song is "Sincerely Yours (OMFG! n00b)"...and it's a great song. This is the most mediocre song on the E.P. with plenty chugga chugga squeal squeal. But, with the angelic harmony behind Jake's crushing yell at the end of the song, and other little things the guys throw in even keep this from sounding too trite or mediocre.

The singer's voice is usually in it's deep yell, but the sung part and harmonies are excellent as well and really stand out from other bands. There are also plenty of well-placed gang vocals on here that keep everybody singing along.

Another great thing about this band is their sense of humor. With song titles like "Sincerely Yours (OMFG! n00b)", "Welcome to Metal Country, Population: 5", and "Soundtrack To A Horror Movie", their merch including slap bracelets, and the bassist always performing in full basketball gear, they definitely have a sense of humor.

This is the most original, talented, all around good hardcore/metalcore/whatever bands (band period for that matter) I've heard in a long time. If you like any kind of hardcore, check these guys out. They were good enough to play Scott Dempsey's last shows with Stretch Arm Strong, they're good enough for you.

Sincerely Yours