Rehasher - Off Key Melodies (Cover Artwork)
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Off Key Melodies (2004)

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Rehasher's debut Off Key Melodies is one of the records where the sticker on the front will help it sell a surplus of copies. Unlike the marketing tactics of Victory Records, the talent on this shiny sticky object will fairly justify your purchase

The group features the imbecile vocals and guitar work of Roger from Less Than Jake. Supporting him proudly on guitar and bass respectively are Geis and Gui from Army of Ponch, as well as the drummer from their other project, Savage Brewtality, Jake. The quartet is quite the group of Gainesville stalwarts.

The upbeat opening guitar melodies of "Lift!" felt pawned straight from LTJ and made me quite nervous, fearing Off Key Melodies would appear as another B- is for B-Sides, which toted a similar release date. Resemblances to the ska/punk legends are quickly left in the dust as record progresses. The all-star lineup comes through and ignites simplistic three-chord punk rock via a vigorous charge. The tattered formula is assailed with innovation on "Sinking," containing slick guitar hooks, timely breakdowns to caress a choral bombardment. Although Roger dominates the mic, dominate songs are "Off Key Melody" and "Surrender" which feature Geis and Roger spitting back ‘n forth to each other. The velocity of David Bowie's classic "Suffragette City" is the cherry on top of this underrated presentation.

With coarse production lining the edges there is hardly a dull moment throughout the extent of the ten tracks. The sub-half hour mix packs the same excitement and punk fervor as hearing NOFX's Punk in Drublic for the first time. While this debut may have slid under most people's radars I assure you it's an admirable supplement to the plethora of quality records offering a throwback to early 90's punk this year.

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