Millions of Dead Cops - Now More Than Ever (Cover Artwork)

Millions of Dead Cops

Now More Than Ever (2001)

Overlooked Creations

Usually I'm not a fan of greatest hits albums, but this one has got me pretty excited. Dave Dictor and friends have done a great job because they picked all the right songs; all the classics. "Corporate Death Burger," "John Wayne was a Nazi," "Bye Bye Ronnie," etc. I'm not going to give you track to track info, because if you're a fan you'll probably know most of them already. And if you don't know them: this album is a great place to get to know them. They have also included a lyric sheet so you'll actually know what they're singing about.

And you should take a look at it. MDC is of course one of the bands of old times, old school, first-time-around hardcore and they are probably one of the most politically oriented. They have songs like "Business on Parade," "Multi Death Corporation," "No More Cops," etc. But never you fear, they also try to tackle big issues with humour. Best found in tracks like "Tufutti," "Henry Kissmyassenger" and "Deep in the Heart."

My only remarks on this album are that there are too few tracks off Shades Of Brown on it – in my opinion one of their best efforts, and the song More Squawk. For a band that has been at it as long as MDC have I would have expected a bit more from that song. I still like it though, make no mistake. But it just seems a bit slow and weak on writing, humour and lyrics. Most of you would probably call it a useless crap song probably.

The rest is nothing short of true MDC brilliance. They've got aggression, but not too much. They've got a message, but with humour and never tiresome. They've got melody and good musical skills. And, they are raw.

If you like old school hardcore – Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, D.O.A., Minor Threat, early Bad Religion – this band could sound like a mix, but not quite. But don't take my word for it; go check this album out.