Aesop Rock - Bazookatooth (Cover Artwork)

Aesop Rock

Bazookatooth (2003)

Def Jux

(in my car, on the way to a local show)

steve (staring at cds): you got any atmosphere?

me: didn't bring any. you know aesop rock?

steve: heard of him... or it...

me: him

steve: ok

me: yeah it's kind of like atmosphere... except he doesn't rap about girls

steve: then it's not like atmosphere

me: fair enough

steve: put it in

me: ok

(starts playing)

steve: this is fucked up

me: yeah the lyrics are more abstract

steve: the beats suck, its like star wars or some shit

me: its kinda noisy, yeah, but thats def jux

steve: man fuck this

(ejects cd and puts in anti-flag)

If you're expecting rap about ladies ala Atmosphere and straight up beats with conventional samples and the same fucking snare pattern rappers have been using since 1983, then don't even listen to this shit. But if you want to listen to some rhymes with fucking amazing images, sweet hooks and futuristic backbeats, then pick it up. Bazookatooth isn't Aesop's best, though, and his LP Labor Days is probably the best one to pick up first. It's less noisy and the hooks are easier, although the lyrics are just as dense and poetic.