Maverick - Caught In The Negatives (Cover Artwork)
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Caught In The Negatives (2004)

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So one day in early May of this year Geoff Rickly (Thursday) and Daryl Palumbo (Glassjaw / Head Automatica) flew down to Texas to hangout with a few friends. They were going to meet up with Cedric and Omar of (Mars Volta / At the Drive-In) go out to eat and head to Minute Maid Park to catch the Astros and Roger Clemens in action. The two never showed up at the airport, Rickley and Palumbo called a taxi and decided to go alone. The ballgame was monumental as the Rocket notched his 4,137th strikeout, which put him in second place, passing Steve Carlton on the all-time list. Topping off with nine total K's across six innings Clemens lead the Astros to a 6-2 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Although the game was enjoyable the two were obviously upset that Mr. Zavala and Mr. Rodriguez ditched them at the airport. So the two called up Sparta and got Cedric's address, rented a car, and went over to have a few words with him. No one was answering the door, although they could see that the lights were on and heard some odd music playing. Playing it slick, they snuck around back to peak in the windows. Geoff was a little scared and opted to be on lookout while Daryl stood on a metallic garbage can trying to catch a glimpse inside the house. A loud noise echoed throughout the neighborhood as he lost footing on the can and fell harshly to the ground. A few dogs barked at the clatter, but other than that the area remained peaceful.

"What's that next to your feet?" Geoff asked as he pointed to a grey notebook lying next to his accomplice's feet.

Daryl responded, "It looks like a journal or something" as he handed the scribbled soggy pad over.

Geoff read aloud "Call to arms / the match ignites the flame / the deck is set ablaze / a carbon dioxide haze is taking control / we are not going down / fighting adversity as the neurotic fire swells / should we let this journey end / or sink at sea?"

The two burst into laughter.

"Wait, there's more ‘Nice morning / quiet beach / with defense mechanisms / the port has closed / due to the approaching swarm / incoming shells / directly aimed into he brick wall…."

Gasping for air, "STOP! That's terrible!" screamed Daryl. "These must be lyrics Cedric had been writing that didn't quite make the cut for Frances the Mute.

"I wonder why," scoffed Geoff.

"I have a great idea!" he shrieked.

"Shh. Keep it down, someone will hear us, Geoff."

"Sorry, how about we put this on eBay? That'll really get him back for ditching us! I bet some poor suckers from New Jersey who sound like our bands would drop thousands on this notebook; it's filled to the brim with embarrassing lyrics."

"You think that would work?"

"Dude, your Glassjaw Nike shoes go for hundreds and hundreds of dollars on eBay. We would make a killing and probably get news about it posted on too!"

"This will be funnier than Hazen St., let's do it!"

[Click Here for the eBay Auction]

Slide this under Brazil's A Hostage & the Meaning of Life, which should already act as a pedestal for your At the Drive-In discography. An uninspired attempt at being unique is where the EP Caught In the Negatives by Maverick falls.