Mad Caddies - Live From Toronto: Songs In The Key Of Eh (Cover Artwork)
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Mad Caddies

Live From Toronto: Songs In The Key Of Eh (2004)

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This next installment in Fat's live series features the Mad Caddies performing all of their best songs taken from their five CDs. The recordings took place in Toronto at the last show of their most recent Canadian tour in March 2004.

Judging the crowd cheers, it's no coincidence they moved over there to record! I can tell you first-hand that this is Fat's best band to deliver you an exciting and fun-skanking evening as I think I attended their live show something like 6 times now. Although I have to confess that 2 of these shows (Deconstruction Tour and VK-Brussels) were a bit disappointing, because on those occasions they had a bit too many of these lighters-in-the-air songs for my taste. Nevertheless, once the skank-songs take over, there's nothing stopping that crowd going crazy. I'm pretty sure many of the people that were on this year's Groezrock will call this the best band of the evening. In fact, the entire tent was one big waving ocean.

The sound quality of this recording is absolutely smashing again, as were all previous Fat live recordings as a matter of fact. The trumpet and trombone section sounds squeaky clean, Chuck's vocals always in tone, and strings sound as if it was a studio album. In fact, this is so typical of Mad Caddies at live shows as well: the songs sound amazingly similar to the original.

It was no surprise to me that the best tracks on this album are actually these weirdly fun songs like "Monkeys", "Road Rash" and "All American Badass" as they can get any crowd off of their asses. The difference between this band and an ordinary ska band is that these guys still produce a lot of energy and guitarwork.

For once, I could advise people that wouldn't know The Mad Caddies to buy this album first. It's the best way to get their best songs on a single album, it sounds pretty much like the original and they get a nice feel of what these guys evoke with an audience. It's that seldom experience you have at a show that only is equalled by Flogging Molly perhaps. The only letdown for me remains the fact that some of their songs sound a bit bland and prevent me to keep that shaking going.