MxPx - Life In General (Cover Artwork)


Life In General (1996)

Tooth & Nail

Coming off their most politically charged album Teenage Politics, MxPx returns one year later with Life In General.

I for one, loved Teenage Politics incredibly. They sang about punk rock ethics damnit. Well, here comes Life In General. The speed is still there. The vocals are a tad more harmounious. The political lyrics and teenage angst were replaced with words of longing for love and what's gone wrong in life. A big change if you listen to the album before it.

However, MxPx does have this uncanny ability to produce songs that stick in your head for days, and by the numbers! There's just something about this band that I like. Their songs just get you feeling like you've spent your time pleasurably.

This album is without a doubt, musically wonderful. The lyrics are kinda corny I will admit. The words don't really connect with me but the music does. Wow, the drumming is so fast, and the guitar and vocals just play off each other perfectly.

MxPx, now is quite frankly, ummmmm well altered. There will never be another album like this from them but this cd is out there so go buy it please. This album was ground-breaking for me at least. Everything just clashes great. Listen to the guitar and voice together with a keen ear. Amazing.

Get these songs please "Do Your Feet Hurt" (which will get you any girl), "Today Is In My Way," "Chick Magnet" (classic, we all know this one), and "Doing Time."

Great album. Woulda given it a ten if it was a little more honest lyrically and emotionaly. But please, buy it for the music.