The Presidents of the United States Of America - Love Everybody (Cover Artwork)

The Presidents of the United States Of America

Love Everybody (2004)

Pusa Music

Since their self titled effort in the early 90's I have been a fan. From the people who made peaches and 2 string guitars into popular songs. With a premise of being grungy, and having dumb lyrics at the same time, the band was frowned upon by people who didn't know them, but if you take a closer look, it's talent. In a time when music look bleak, and grunge even bleaker, The Presidents provided a fast paced album which made fun of themselves, had a single about a lazy bug, and ended with their legendary ‘naked and famous!' If you hadn't known before, the Presidents (or at least Ballew) have done everything from the Drew Carry intro, to that odd George of the Jungle song (remember that crazy movie?)

With the entry track "Love Everybody" which is the title of the CD as well, we've got a funky track which is a fine opener, pumping you up for what's to come! With Ballew synthesizing the track, it's defiantly a bit pop-punk (if that's possible!) If you've come into this wanting to know what the presidents are like listen to 'Some Postman' it explains it all. Propulsive, and silly, songs like this, 'Clean Machine, and 'Poke and Destroy' this is just what you'd expect from a great band that's still living in the 20th century. At times the songs will feel a bit dry, but overall there is a great deal of comedy circulating throughout for a "grunge band." With 'Zero Friction' being my favorite track on this outing, there's a lot to enjoy here for anyone. Thankfully the Presidents return to earth with Munky River, which is as peaceful as the tracks will get. However, there's filler here, which was absent from the previous recordings. 'Vestina' is a catchy little song about an unlucky girl which turns into quite a clever affair with line like "Vestina Vestina your appetizing agency folded today/Vestina Vestina the future is brighter anyway/If you're gonna sell it/Sell it to me/If you're gonna sell it it's for free" Another unique thing about this song is the noticeable instrument switch (Ballew was made for the drums!) and Ballew's dear friend Tad co-wrote the song. As far as range goes, you're set for everything here!

Although there's a constant theme of being away from home (we all want to be back in Seattle) there's also a very homey feel about the disc which makes local fans welcome. With its inviting set of songs ranging from goofy, to a sloppy drinking song, to 'shreds of boa' there's something for everyone here. I'm glad they hadn't made the CD how they had said they would (making it all remakes of their best songs!) Anyway, the 14 tracks only amount to 38.2 minutes, that's way too short! I know it's not punk, but you'll find a song on here to enjoy!