Good For Cows - Bebop Fantasy (Cover Artwork)
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Good For Cows

Bebop Fantasy (2004)

Asian Man

Well, now, what do we have here? Ever sat down and listened to some up-tempo John Coltrane and wonder, "Hey, what would this be like with only the rhythm section?" Yeah, keep that in mind, now imagine the crazy, experimental stuff that Duke Ellington sometimes did, only, you know, just bass and drums. Got something going in your head? Good, now throw in some funky drum fills, some straight ahead drum parts with off time bass lines, and a tad bit of insane time signatures. Got it?

Now throw that all away and just go listen to this CD. Seriously. Throw on a beret, grow out a thin moustache, and pretend to reform the beat generation. I guarantee this album would be on the playlist. Ya dig?

With such standout tracks as the heavy jazz piece "The Whopper," to the heavy cowbell piece "Walkie Talkie," you'll be grooving in your seat and hearing not only what they're playing, but the notes they're not playing. Trippy, hunh? Try the Latin influenced "DJ l'Fridays." It's got enough upbeat plucks to tap your foot. Take a bite out of "B Metal Revivals." Meaty, hunh? Deliciously meaty, to be exact. In fact you can tell the meatiness from the flying hamburger cover art. Seriously. Vegetarians, don't worry. I'm sure there's a soy version of this CD that's healthier and just as nutritious.