On My Signal - Exit Parameters (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

On My Signal

Exit Parameters (2004)


Bulletpoints (taken from press sheet)

  • Formed in June 2003
  • Live and work in New York City
  • Plays rock music

"On My Signal's five members achieve the ambience of Slint with the fangs of Thursday."

Last time I checked, Thursday was pretty fang-less. In fact, I'd even go as far to say that they are toothless altogether. They have to gum their food. I'm guessing you know what to expect from a band that thinks Thursday is hard. Imagine every single fucking "screamo" chord that's been picked out into a riff. Imagine every single fucking drum fill that's been overdone. Hear the whiny vocals resemble the war cries of a twelve year old, freshly converted eunuch. Weep along with the deep, poetic cries of "No one loves me! I hate my parents! The suburbs totally rule! Pain! Suffering!"

What did I fucking tell you? WHAT did I FUCKING tell you? Shut your whiny yap. Stop ripping off chords and vocals from every other band making it big. Realize that artistic integrity does not involve the words "screamo" or "copycat." As my roommate just said, "It's not so bad. It sounds like everything else so it just blends in and I could just ignore it." This review might sound boring, and might make you angry, but as long as these shitty bands keep sending their shitty CDs to Punknews, I'll keep giving them bad reviews, doing my part as a contributor to the welfare of society. Stay away from this one, stay far, far away.