Hot Like (A) Robot - Hurry Up And Die (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Hot Like (A) Robot

Hurry Up And Die (2004)


Eh, more like suck like an early 90s alterna-rock band. Throw in screaming vocals and uninteresting rhythms for a ten track bore-a-thon. Yeah. According to the press sheet, they have "whaling guitars." In my mind, I see Captain Ahab holding his trusty Gibson over his head, poised to harpoon the alabaster beast from the depths. This band also offers a "breath of interest." What the FUCK is that supposed to mean? Jesus ass-lancing Christ, have someone proofread your press sheet.

Supposedly, they're supposed to sound like No Knife, Failure, Nirvana, Fugazi, and Drive Like Jehu mixed together. That's a lot of name dropping, especially since they just sound like a cut-rate Nirvana with a scenester attitude. You know how these new "punk" bands and "punk" kids don't really have any idea about what punk is, yet they emulate the fashion of the clothing and music and think they have it together? These guys are doing the same thing with 90s alternarock and the aforementioned post-punk bands. They heard some CDs and said, "Ooh, I want to sound like that."

Basically, what you should do instead of buying this CD or listening to this band is to go buy CDs from all the bands that these guys name drop. Each one of those bands is respectfully different in style, who needs it all in one band? Especially a shitty one like this.

This probably would fit in well on your modern nü-metal radio station between Hoobastank and Slipknot.