The Partisans - So Neat aka Hysteria EP (Cover Artwork)

The Partisans

So Neat aka Hysteria EP (2001)


If you are really into UK82 Punk, chances are that you're a fan of the Pogo Punk band The Partisans. These guys are back together after 13 years of silence, but with only two original members Spike on vocals and this time around on guitar also, and Lealand still on guitar. They are back with a new Ep titled "So Neat". The songs on this release could have easily been on their second LP "Time Was Right". The Partisans are still not afraid of showing their energetic Clash influences instrumentally on all three tracks. The lyrics talk about about how everyone else is making more money, and etc.(the usual from this band). All along this whole three song Ep will have you singing the tunes after just one listen for the rest of your life. You know you want this because this is just another great "Classic" release by a classic band, so go grab your wallet and buy it, or if you're too "Punk" to buy it steal a copy.