Jello Biafra With The Melvins - Never Breathe What You Can't See (Cover Artwork)
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Jello Biafra With The Melvins

Never Breathe What You Can't See (2004)

Alternative Tentacles

It's been a real long time since we've had any new music involving Jello Biafra. In fact, other than 2000's 3 song Lard EP, Jello hasn't made an album's worth of new musical material since the early nineties....which makes this album all the more thirst quenching. This time Jello has, of course, the legendary and amazing Melvins as his back up and the result is better than anyone could have even dreamed.

To kick off the album is "Plethysmograph", a fast hardcore punk blast erriely similiar to the Dead Kennedys, it even feature's some East Bay Ray-style guitar. The song is heavy and fast as hell, a terrific introduction of things to come. Next is "McGruff The Crime Dog", which continues the album's hardcore punk sound, adding a hint of hard rock as well. Lyrical content is pretty self explanatory on this release from reading the song titles, but it is in typically clever and fiendish Jello form of course. Sarcastic and cleverly humorous lyrics like "Thank you Osama, you are the savior of our economy today!" could only come from the amazing Jello Biafra.

Other album highlights include the hilarious and very justified attack on oversized luxury vehicles and those who drive them like maniacs- "Yuppie Cadillac". Awesome lyrics like "Why do I eat up so much gas? Why do I cut you off to pass? Why do I drive like such an ass!? Because I can!" are hard to resist. There are plenty of other gems on this album as well, including "Islamic Bomb" and the heavy as hell "Dawn Of The Locusts".

My recommendation would be that, if you are a Jello fan, a Dead Kennedys fan or a Melvins fan--buy this immediately. Alternative Tentacles is a fast and very reliable label to order from and this album is well worth it.