Rust Belt Music - Builder 4.0 (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Rust Belt Music

Builder 4.0 (2004)

Devil In the Woods

I dunno about this stuff man, it's sorta boring. To tell you the truth it reminds me of a cut rate Belle and Sebastian mixed with that boring new blend of boring music your dad listens to on that boring mix radio station, or at least I know my dad listens to it. You know, the one that plays Crash Test Dummies and Tracy Chapman and Lifehouse and Tori Amos. Or it sounds like a shitty version of a jam band. Like an un-talented Phish without any of the soloing or stuff like that that makes Phish even slightly interesting.

But whatever. If you like this band, chances are the 500 copies are already sold out. But then again, this is pretty shitty so maybe not. Man, this is so boring that it's totally sucking out all the energy I would usually use to bash how shitty they are.