Love Is Red - The Hardest Fight (Cover Artwork)

Love Is Red

The Hardest Fight (2004)


I'll admit that I'm a little older than most of the hardcore fans that are cutting their teeth in the scene today. I've been a part of hardcore, supported hardcore bands and listened to hardcore punk rock for as long as I can remember. I'm sad to admit, but as the years pass and things like jobs, family and other mundane responsibilities of adult life take center stage, hardcore becomes less important. And now with fashion, violence and generic, cookie-cutter music reshaping the landscape, it's easy to think that you've had enough of hardcore and you want to turn your back on it and move on. This is honesty people. Just ask the dozens of bands that have broken up when they reach their thirties.

But just when you feel like there's no turning back, a band grabs your attention, shakes you by the throat, and makes you realize how absolutely ludicrous those thoughts are. With The Hardest Fight, Love Is Red have personally done that for me. If you take the best parts of Good Riddance, Reach The Sky, Bane, Cave In, Stretch Arm Strong, H2O, CIV and Sick Of it All, put it all into a boiling pot and stir, you begin to get a sense of how powerful and amazing this band is.

Lead by strong vocals, powerful drumming and a great rhythm section, Love Is Red play emotional, heavy hardcore that is fast and packs a punch. Sure, there are plenty of chug and moshable breakdowns, but what makes these songs so memorable is their ability to take your head and your heart and force them in front of the mirror of life.

With The Hardest Fight, Love Is Red proves that true hardcore is alive, positive and not stopping for any one trend or fashion statement. It's head down, full steam ahead hardcore. I would urge any fan to get this and give it one won't be the same.