Fastbreak - Whenever You're Ready (Cover Artwork)


Whenever You're Ready (2001)


One day I was screwing around at and I found out about Fastbreak when I looked at "related artists" to Lifetime. Lifetime has been my favourite band for months now, and I was searching for bands that play the same style of melodic hardcore..

I was in luck, Fastbreak amazed me from the first song onwards. Unfortunatelly only the first 5 songs were available to sample in real audio and only 30 second clips, but that was enough to tell me this was a great band.

Right the next day I went over to my local record store, and they didnt have the cd in, but the manager ordered it in for me and within 4 days I had the Fastbreak CD in my hand. I was so excited about getting this cd that I came along to the store with my discman in my pocket, ready to stick in the CD as soon as I had paid for it.

Whenever You're Ready contains 13 speedy melodic punk/hardcore tracks that will blow you completely away! They have a sound that you cannot accurately name but I would best describe them as a mix of Lifetime, Saves The Day, Enemy You and latter-day Gorilla Biscuits.

Three tracks which really stand out on this release are "Goodbye" which totally reminds me of Lifetime's "Young Loud and Scotty", "Good Dreams Or None At all" which adds skatepunk to the bands sound, and "Thanks For Trying" an excellent last track for any cd filled with speed, melody and wonderful lyrics.
All in all I would have to say this Cd is at the top of my favourites list, but its still below Lifetime. I dont think anything will top this legendary band, at least not in my domain.