Wolf Eyes - Burned Mind (Cover Artwork)
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Wolf Eyes

Burned Mind (2004)

Sub Pop

Shit. I don't think I can do this band justice in a review. But I'll try.

Wolf Eyes is a three piece experimental freakout loop based crazy ass fuck shit up electronica group that slaughtered song structure. Have you ever listened to NIN and said, "Bah, too much structure, I need noise. Lots of it."? Wolf Eyes man, Wolf Eyes is your answer.

The songs seem to blend together, and it's hard to really listen to them coherently, as the music is, well, mostly noise with piercing howls and screams on top of it. They don't mind letting ambient noise run for minutes at a time, and they don't mind if it doesn't make sense to you. Someone out there gets it, and loves this band.

This is Wolf Eyes first release on a large label, and to be honest, the first I've heard of and heard them. I guess they released tons of self-recorded demos and tapes and live shows and crazy shit like that. But that's just what I hear. This shit is crazy. I can't stress that enough.

I'm sorry, I told you this review is going to suck, and it did. It sucks. This is a much better review. Cloak and Dagger have an awesome review of it too.

I dunno...I think it's making me paranoid – this is the type of shit that makes you freaked out just be listening to it. It's scary fucking music man...scary.