Anti-Flag - Death Of A Nation DVD (Cover Artwork)
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Death Of A Nation 📀 (2004)


The elements that DVDs are bringing to the scene are substantial. While several VHS tapes were released they didn't have the power, capacity, or wide range of material that their digital counterparts tender. The aptitude to not only offer the feature full length, but commentary tracks, bonus footage, music videos, photo galleries, interviews, behind the scenes, as well as a slew of miscellaneous offerings. In what me the most well rounded DVD within the punk rock genre Anti-Flag delivers a packed disc containing mostly all of the aforesaid attributes.

Say what you will about Anti-Flag, their music, their politics, and who they are, but there's no denying that they are one of the best in the genre at doing what they do, and that is creating good punk rock with a positive message. They also have the facility to put on one hell of a live show, which warrants this hour long documentary of last winter's Death of a Nation Tour. While Kung Fu Records and many other producers focus on one particular live show this video outlines every stop on the tour. This approach spices up the material so the viewer doesn't get bored with just one show environment. However as the material is recorded in separate venues the audio and video tend to suffer at times. The audio tracks are not nearly as strong as they should be and due to lighting some footage looks dull.

Twenty-three tracks summarizing their entire career from Anti-Flag classics "Die for Your Government" and "Fuck The Flag" to new crowd favorites "911 for Peace" and "Rank-N-File." Aside from a lackluster performance of "Got the Numbers" the band is in their prime throughout every song and track after track continues to demonstrate how strong they are onstage. The band is prone to talking up a storm during their shows, but it is kept to a minimum giving the video a solid flow. Before each song a black and white image of the band states the title and the city, so you can keep an eye out for your friends in Buffalo, Providence, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and the many other cities where the tour landed

Bonus material is a significant force behind the superiority of the DVD; it rivals the Aquabats collection in terms of wholeness. Three music videos for songs off The Terror State are available. The unreleased "Death of a Nation" produced in the same messy, cut and paste style apparent in "Los Angeles Is Burning" by Bad Religion. As well as "Turncoat" and rare video of Woody Guthrie highlights, "Post War Breakout." A live radio performance, an insightful interview, behind the scenes footage, montages, as well as information to become politically active support the rest of the extras completing an outstanding package. The mechanics of the presentation are unbelievable with a fantastic setup and easy menus to navigate.

While we all share either a love or hate relationship for Anti-Flag, there is no denying that A-F Records and Scrambled Visual have complied a truly amazing compilation of footage and substance to detail one of today's most popular underground bands. Death of a Nation will not change your mind on the band, but if you are a fan this is an essential product to own on your DVD rack.