Cave In - Creative Eclipses (Cover Artwork)

Cave In

Creative Eclipses (1999)

Hydra Head

So here's Cave In's first non-metal release. I thought it would be important to review this record, considering the creative changes that the band has gone through; this is where it really took shape (although there were some telling moments on Until Your Heart Stops). And no, this doesn't sound a lot like the commercial hard rock of Antenna, though you can tell it's the same band.

On this 5 song EP, there are 2 original songs, and one of them is acoustic. "Luminance" is the heavy one, and it's one of the best songs Cave In has written. Everything clicks on it- the nervous drum rolls, crazy guitar effects, and the ability to make powerful and heavy music without screaming the whole time. The acoustic song is pretty decent, though it lacks the emotional weight of "Luminance" and sort of pales in comparison. Then there is the Failure cover, "Magnified". It's a good song and a great choice for a cover since it sounds so much like Cave In material. However, like the acoustic track, it can't measure up to "Luminance", and on a 5 track CD, it hurts.

So there are 2 tracks left to talk about, "Sonata Mcgrath" and "Sonata Brodsky". Both are electronic instrumental songs, in the vein of Aphex Twin's "Selected Ambient Works Volume II" or something by Boards of Canada without the beats. The problem is, neither song can measure up to something by the aformentioned groups, and while they can be good mood setters or background music, they just aren't much to get excited about.

So that's the whole record- one great song, two decent songs, and two electronic things that make me go "Eh." The CD just doesn't hold up to repeated listens. I'd recommend downloading "Luminance" instead of buying this whole CD, unless you are a real Cave In fan, and you want to listen to their interesting progression. If you want some great Cave In, try Until Your Heart Stops or Jupiter.