Shelter - The Purpose the Passion (Cover Artwork)


The Purpose the Passion (2001)


Just when i'm not expecting it, Shelter belts out another record.. this time called The Purpose, The Passion. I have been a big fan of this band ever since the Quest for Certainty album came out. This record is 15 ripping melodic hardcore tunes that just stick in your head and your CD player for a long time. The lineup of the band has changed drastically again... Cappo is the only original member. But this record has some real talent nonetheless...with Sean Sellers (formerly of Good Riddance) on the drums, but he didnt play drums on the record... Dave Dicenso (ex-Baby Gopal) on guitar, and some other guys from Mantra that round out the new lineup.

Every song on this album is fast with Cappo's usual spiritual uplifting lyrics. Anyway, This is one rad Shelter album. recorded, mixed and produced by former Better Than A Thousand drummer Ken Olden. I heard this may be Shelters' last record since Cappo can't ever keep a full band together., so check out this album. Even if you didn't like the old Shelter, this one should appeal to you. Go check out Youth of Today also; old school 80's hardcore also with Cappo on vocals. And Better Than A Thousand's Just One out on Revelation and Value Driven on Epitaph Europe.