Various - A Compilation 2002-2004 (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


A Compilation 2002-2004 (2004)

Newest Industry

I hate reviewing compilations. So I'll highlight the good tracks. And that will be it.

Oh wait, there aren't any! What we have here is a load of bands who apparently worship the mid-90s Hopeless roster. It all sounds the same with four chords and vocal harmonies, and, well, you know the bill. The best tracks are from The Paperbacks, who, somehow, got on Newest Industry sounding like a watered-down version of The Weakerthans. And trust me, they aren't that great. Ughh...this all sounds the same.

The other decent band on here is I Excuse, which sound like a 90s punk band with attitude, you know, some actual substance to their music and vocals. And the songs aren't about girls. The worst band on here is Bedford Falls, hands down, who sound like a high school band. You know, the one a guy you knew played guitar in, so you went to a few shows just to be nice but really you were ridiculing them the entire time.

Surprisingly enough, the song "Bedord Falls" by The Paperbacks is on here, and is a toe-tapping poppy little song. Something you don't mind having in the background while at a coffee shop or something. By all means, it's nothing you should buy, or even attempt to go listen to, but if you stumble upon it, I guarantee it won't make you want to kill yourself.

So there you have it folks, 27 tracks of pure, unadulterated poop. I guess it's what you can expect from a label who stole their font from Swingin' Utters.