Good Riddance - Symptons of a Leveling Spirit (Cover Artwork)
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Good Riddance

Symptons of a Leveling Spirit (2001)

Fat Wreck Chords

2001... It seems every band in punk is throwing their name in to attempt to make the best album of the year...and their career. Thus far, the Bouncing Souls are ahead with "How I spent My Summer Vacation", Hot Water Music has been right there with their debut Epitaph release "A Flight and a Crash" and Pennywise faltered with the strong, yet somewhat disappointing "Land of the Free?" Enter Good Riddance.

If you are not a big fan, or have never really listened to Good Riddance, now is your chance. Get on the fuckin' wagon, we have room. Symptoms of a Leveling Spirit is right next to the Souls. (SOALS-Souls...creepy) This is, without question, the definitive GR album.

OK, hardcore GR fans. Heads up, this is not the same 1,000 beat a minute GR you've listened to for the last several years. Oh yes, they're still angry, pissed off and loud & fast, but more rhythmic and in time with their sound. Tracks like "Enter the Unapproachables", Yesterday's Headlines" and "Cheyenne" showcase a new and improved GR while songs like "Fire Engine Red", "Great Leap Forward" and "Nobody Likes A Cynic" give you a feel for the old sound. In a brief synopsis, this is 14 tracks of intense, pure punk rock. (Actually 15, 1 hidden song)

I'm not gonna try to completely analyze this album for you. This is the best Good Riddance album, ever. Go find out for yourself, right now.